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Lignin as a Dispersant : Lignat VB , Lignat VK , Lignat KL , Lignat SGL, Lignat CA
Lignin as a Binder : Lignat VK
Lignin as an Emulsifier : Lignat KL
Lignin as a Sequestrant : Lignat SGL
Melamine sulphonate as Superplasticizers : MFS-AK
Naphthalene sulphonate as Superplasticizers : Naphthalat K , Naphthalat S , Naphthalat W
Gluconate S
PC (PolyCarboxylate)
TiBP ( Tri Iso Butyl Phosphate)
TBP ( Tri Butyl Phosphate)
Calcium Nitrate
TEA (Triethanolamine)
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